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Tourist arrivals to Chitwan reach all-time high of 185,644

Ramesh Kumar Paudel 16 Jul 07:00 AM

The national park is home to 125 tigers and 605 one-horned rhinos, making it a must-see destination for wildlife enthusiasts.Read Full Story »

Three days of nonstop torrential rain tops up Kulekhani reservoir

Prahlad Rijal 16 Jul 07:00 AM

With the reservoir filled to the brim, and the two plants churning out electricity feverishly, the Nepal Electricity Authority has been able to cut down power imports from India to 150 MW from 400 MW. Read Full Story »

Fresh vegetables are becoming scarcer in Kathmandu Valley

Krishana Prasain 15 Jul 06:30 AM

Deliveries of farm products shrink as floods wipe out crops, causing prices to jump. Read Full Story »

Nepal Airlines says it may incur a loss of Rs1.5b this fiscal year

Sangam Prasain 13 Jul 06:30 AM

National flag carrier points to higher fuel prices and competition from budget airlines for the debacle.Read Full Story »

Securities Board to crack down more sternly on insider trading

Rajesh Khanal 12 Jul 08:00 AM

Amendments will be made to Securities Act to give it more teeth. Read Full Story »

Cabinet okays revision of air service agreement with China

Sangam Prasain 12 Jul 07:00 AM

Currently, Nepali carriers are currently allowed to fly on seven destinations— Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Lhasa and Xi'an. Read Full Story »

Researchers produce monosex population of highly fertile tilapia 

Ramesh Kumar Paudel 10 Jul 06:30 AM

The invasive species is a better alternative to carp which is commercially farmed in Nepal.Read Full Story »

Nepal, India officials to meet to get cross-border transmission line project moving forward

Prahlad Rijal 09 Jul 07:00 AM

The move comes nearly five months after the sixth secretary-level meeting between the two countries in January decided to examine the funding and implementation modality of the planned power line.Read Full Story »

Minister Yadav says he was misinformed about the capacity of the quarantine labs

Rajesh Khanal 09 Jul 07:00 AM

Yadav said he took the proposal to the Cabinet without taking a close look at the documents given to him by Commerce Secretary Kedar Bahadur Adhikari. Adhikari is currently on a foreign trip. Read Full Story »

Investors buoyed by banks’ mega merger plan

Rajesh Khanal 07 Jul 08:00 AM

Nepal Stock Exchange last week inched up 3.34 points to close at 1,260.5 points, after banks forwarded their mega merger plan to the central bank, which raised investor confidence. Read Full Story »

Land acquisition and forest clearance issues delay transmission line project

Prahlad Rijal 06 Jul 07:30 AM

The Kusma-New Butwal power line project is part of a $180 million system expansion project. Read Full Story »

Government relaxes location requirement for casinos

Sangam Prasain 06 Jul 07:00 AM

Casinos and electronic gaming houses allowed to operate up to a distance of 3 km from the international border. Read Full Story »

Sugar mills in central Tarai owe Rs7 billion to cane farmers

Rajesh Khanal 03 Jul 06:30 AM

Farmers preparing to launch a protest against tight-fisted mill ownersRead Full Story »

Agriculture Ministry seeks Rs250 million to upgrade testing labs

Rajesh Khanal 02 Jul 06:30 AM

None of the border points is properly equipped to test imported vegetables and fruits for chemical contaminationRead Full Story »

Tax office freezes bank accounts of over 5,000 taxpayers—firms and individuals

Prithvi Man Shrestha 01 Jul 08:54 AM

Officials say some of them have been barred from travelling abroad Read Full Story »

Nepal Reinsurance to make Rs1.6 billion initial public offering

Rajesh Khanal 27 Jun 07:30 AM

The country’s only reinsurance company to raise its paid-up capital to Rs10 billion from the existing Rs 8.40 billionRead Full Story »

Energy officials lean towards Dudh Koshi Hydroelectric Project

Prahlad Rijal 27 Jun 07:00 AM

The reservoir type project will produce 3,443 GWh annually, higher than the expected annual output of 3,383 GWh of the proposed Budhi Gandaki schemeRead Full Story »

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