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Widening Nepal’s musical Spektrum with new sounds

Thomas Heaton 13 Jul 08:40 AM

A handful of artists are trying to rid Nepal of musical misunderstanding by introducing new genres to Nepali ears Read Full Story »

She’s got jokes. Or is it the puppet?

Arya Mainali 12 Jul 06:30 AM

Ventriloquism wasn’t always what Seema Golchha wanted to do with her life—one day, she simply took up the art out of sheer interest  Read Full Story »

This young man’s flute covers have millions of views. Here’s why he chose to cover Despacito.

Sneha Dahal 11 Jul 07:30 AM

Swarnim Maharjan is fusing popular tracks with traditional sounds to keep young people listening to Nepali music. Read Full Story »

Instagram was once for the artists. Today things have changed.

Abani Malla 02 Jul 07:00 AM

With its ever-growing userbase and commercial repurposing, is this social media platform still a place for artists?Read Full Story »

Marking pride month, Nepal’s first pride parade to take place tomorrow

Asmita Manandhar 28 Jun 07:00 AM

Members of the Queer Youth Group are busy preparing placards for Nepal’s first pride parade, to be organised on Saturday, marking Pride Month.  Read Full Story »

National Theatre Festival could have been a great event—but it fell short

Abani Malla 26 Jun 07:00 AM

The seven-day long festival tried to be diverse and inclusive—but with limited staging, did it achieve what it set out to do? Read Full Story »

Verses on vehicles—art or annoyance?

Timothy Aryal 19 Jun 06:30 AM

Truck sahitya means different things to different people—some see it as a break to the monotony of long journeys but for others, it’s a nuisance.Read Full Story »

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