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Cultivation second album Aagaman blends flavours of R&B with African beats

Thomas Heaton 25 May 09:06 AM

 Cultivation’s second album is soon to be released, but Tashi Gurung, the man behind the band, is calling it his Nepali debut.Read Full Story »

Brief Candle is as burlesque as it is tragic

Kurchi Dasgupta 23 May 06:30 AM

One World Theatre has once again brought us an exciting theatrical piece, one the theatergoing audience of Kathmandu should experience firsthand Read Full Story »

Mann Gurung explores transition of indigenous culture in a new exhibition

Rose Singh 22 May 06:30 AM

His paintings explore the juxtaposition between a rapidly modernising world and the culture and traditions of the past Read Full Story »

Daenerys might have won King’s Landing, but will Jon Snow take it from her?

Thomas Heaton 14 May 06:30 AM

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones was a cinematic joy, laden with artistic and foreboding shots, but frustrating and heart-breaking all the same. The writers don’t take long to slaughter the only true man of the people, Lord Varys, for working in the public's interest. Daenerys finds out he’s sharing Jon Snow’s true lineage, and with a quick ‘dracarys’ she incinerates the dear eunuch. Luckily, he sent a revelatory note to someone through one of his little birds, but where it went no one knows.Read Full Story »

Nepali films have evolved, they are getting more modern—and more misogynistic

Rose Singh 12 May 06:58 AM

In November 2017, when actor Reecha Sharma expressed discontent at the portrayal of a female character in the film Chhakka Panja, the filmmakers didn’t take it lightly. Read Full Story »

Despite a few unexpected deaths, Game of Thrones plods on

Thomas Heaton 07 May 06:30 AM

Daenerys is again the centre of attention, but everything around her is falling apart: a second dragon is dead, her confidant is headless, and everyone seems to be rooting for Jon Snow. Read Full Story »

Meet the man behind the song that has all of Kathmandu singing along

Abani Malla 27 Apr 07:01 AM

Khadka, who chose his stage name after his time of birth, now relishes hearing his fans chant his name during live performances. Read Full Story »

Are beauty pageants still relevant in modern Nepal? The debate continues.

Alisha Sijapati 26 Apr 07:00 AM

The post was a response to yet another viral Miss Nepal video-clip, this time less savoury than Khatiwada’s introductory video. In the clip from the auditions to this year’s pageant, choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma is seen chastising 22-year-old contestant Ashmita Maharjan for appearing in the audition without makeup and in glasses. Read Full Story »

The Game of Thrones just got more complicated, and Daenerys is not happy

Thomas Heaton 23 Apr 06:30 AM

Game of Thrones writers have managed to keep the fight for the Iron Throne alive, despite the entire future of Westeros looming in the forests outside Winterfell. With the white walkers and their hordes approaching the Stark castle ramparts, and its residents steeling themselves for the upcoming battle, there is still a lot to be resolved in the next four episodes.Read Full Story »

Visitors to the Narayanhiti Museum hoping to learn history leave disappointed

Alisha Sijapati 09 Apr 06:00 AM

​​​​​​​At 94 years of age, Renu Thapa is among the few people alive who remember the old Narayanhiti Palace, an English-inspired neoclassical palace that once stood where the contemporary pink palace now stands. The former palace, with its numerous porticos and Ionic columns, was a sight to behold, said Thapa. The new palace has none of that charm and it just doesn’t compare, she said. Read Full Story »

Kathmandu has a vibrant arts scene, only if one knows where to look

Asmod Karki 06 Apr 07:00 AM

Nexus also organises a regular open mic night, where anyone can go and share what they have. A few weeks ago, the show kicked off with two stand-up comedians. Read Full Story »

Ragini Upadhyay Grela’s new exhibition explores love in the modern age 

Timothy Aryal 05 Apr 07:58 AM

In an exhibition that brings together old and new paintings, Ragini Upadhyay Grela explores what loves means in the modern age Read Full Story »

One World Theatre’s adaptation of The Little School is a raw depiction of a 1970s Argentine concentration camp

Asmita Manandhar 12 Mar 07:00 AM

Deborah Merola’s adaptation of The Little School wastes no time setting the tone for what is about to come for the next three hours. Read Full Story »

At the Mic Drop finale, everyone made sex jokes but not everyone was laughing

Alisha Sijapati 12 Mar 07:00 AM

Watching Shrestha, one of Kathmandu’s most popular stand-up comedians, on stage, I finally got to know just how he makes people laugh. Read Full Story »

At the Nepal International Theatre Festival, two plays show that language is no barrier to understanding theatre

Anish Regmi 01 Mar 07:00 AM

The modest stage design sets the perfect backdrop for the deep, dark secrets of a mother to unravel slowly. Anna pours her heart out in her notebook, detailing everything including her extramarital affair, all of which come to life in the play Private Confessions, as her daughter goes through its pages long after death. Read Full Story »

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