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Westerly winds bring rain, chill in Kathmandu, surrounding hills witness snowfall

Samuel Chhetri 23 Jan 12:32 PM

Various parts across the country witnessed rain with mountain region experiencing heavy snowfall due to the impact of westerly winds on Wednesday. Read Full Story »

Movies in cinemas on January 23, 2019

23 Jan 09:01 AM

Here are some movies being screened in cinemas on January 23 Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 23, 2019

23 Jan 08:58 AM

The financial reward for your efforts will be larger than you expected. Moving slowly isn’t a handicap in this situation; it’s a wise strategy possible. Spend a little time doing research today and educate yourself about the things you have. Read Full Story »

22 Jan 01:20 PM

First of all, I would like to thank Mr Sanyukta Shrestha for his historical article (‘What really happened’, TKP Online, January 18th, 2019). I would like to request the reference number of the document so I (and other interested history-lovers) may visit British libraries for research. Read Full Story »

22 Jan 01:19 PM

Investing in Nepal’s future is an integral part  in achieving the current administration’s slogan of  ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ (Government sets stage to hold Investment Summit in March, TKP Online, January 17, 2019). Read Full Story »

22 Jan 01:19 PM

Rivers are often the subject of disputes between countries and can arouse nationalism—this can be good, but anger can also be misguided when the science of how rivers work is not well understood. Read Full Story »

Snowfall affects normal life in Humla (In photos)

Rastriya Samachar Samiti 22 Jan 12:38 PM

Snowfall coupled with breezing wind has troubled normal life in Humla since Monday midnight. Read Full Story »


22 Jan 08:05 AM

FILMS Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 22, 2019

22 Jan 08:02 AM

Communication of various types will be your entertainment, your nemesis, and your inspiration today. Keep an eye on emails that come your way—one of them has a great opportunity hidden inside. Click to find your next social highlight. Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 21, 2019

21 Jan 08:34 AM

It’s time for you to step in and help out a friend or coworker who may be struggling on a high-profile task. Nothing will make you feel better than sharing your ideas and suggestions on how they can make things work better. Read Full Story »

Films being screened on January 20, 2019

20 Jan 08:38 AM

From Garud Puran to Uri: The Surgical Strike, here are the movies being screened on Sunday Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 20, 2019

20 Jan 08:32 AM

New ideas do not grow on trees—and right now, they might not seem to be growing in your mind, either. If you’re stuck with a serious case of writer’s block, have no fear! Step back from the project and give yourself time to breathe. Read Full Story »

Ashvin Oli 20 Jan 08:14 AM

It was raining cats and dogs outside with occasional thunder strikes. The mango tree near my room’s window swayed violently to the wind, hitting the window pane several times to the point that I was worried it would shatter the glass. Read Full Story »

Shailaja Upadhyaya 20 Jan 08:14 AM

Ten years hence, a book reminds me of her. She was my favourite student. Not that she showed that she was smart, or that she was smart at all—but something about her always made me like her: her attentiveness. Read Full Story »

Post Report 20 Jan 08:11 AM

Twenty-four people were injured, three critically, when a passenger bus overturned in Tulsipur, Dang, on Saturday. Read Full Story »


19 Jan 09:30 AM

FILMS Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 19, 2019

19 Jan 09:24 AM

You will love the week ahead, Aries. Your confidence, determination will be high. A wish can come true, perhaps a major wish. Your popularity, optimism and happiness will float you down a river of contentment. Protect your health, eat, and dress sensibly. Read Full Story »


18 Jan 09:12 AM

FILMS Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 18, 2019

18 Jan 09:08 AM

Read Full Story »

Agandhar Tiwari, Prakash Baral 18 Jan 08:09 AM

Seven persons died and 33 others were injured when a bus met with an accident at Kushma Municipality-1 in Parbat district on Thursday. Read Full Story »

Chandan Kumar Mandal 18 Jan 08:09 AM

Japan and Nepal have agreed to begin sending Nepali workers to Japan as soon as the two countries finish devising new labour mechanisms. Read Full Story »

Films being screened on January 17, 2019

17 Jan 09:08 AM

Here are some of the films being screened on January 17, 2019 in the valley. Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 17, 2019

17 Jan 08:59 AM

Many different people are pushing you for action right now, and it might be in your best interest to make them happy. There’s no reason to put any pressure on you. Any efforts you make will be appreciated. Just go for it! Read Full Story »

Films to watch on Wednesday (January 16, 2019)

16 Jan 08:17 AM

FILMS Read Full Story »


14 Jan 08:52 AM

FILMS Read Full Story »

Walk and earn

Bibhu Luitel 14 Jan 08:50 AM

With the New Year, resolutions are made every year to exercise more, stay healthy and walk and run more. But as with most resolutions, a few weeks into the new year, they tend to get forgotten. But if you could get paid for staying fit, would that encourage you to walk or run more? Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 14, 2019

14 Jan 08:47 AM

Avoid making big commitments or major decisions, especially if they have anything to do with your finances. Your confusion could cause you to end up worse off than you were before. There’s a chance that issues today will solve themselves. Read Full Story »

Aadesh Subedi 13 Jan 08:39 AM

Do we really turn into a star after our demise?” she asked in disbelief. With a sly smile on her face, Sita pulled her daughter in her lap and replied, “Yes! We transform into one of those bright stars after our death. Read Full Story »

Kabita Sen 13 Jan 08:39 AM

After my Aabai, my grandma’s mother, died, I have been tending the plants of her mini-garden on the terrace. Aabai traded guavas, plums, and pomegranates with the nearby construction workers in return of empty cement bags. In those bags, she planted cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflowers, and spinaches. Read Full Story »

Bharat Jarghamagar 13 Jan 08:39 AM

Six persons, including chairman of Lahan Municipality ward number 19, were arrested with 1.757 kg of illegal gold from Ghurmighat in Siraha district on Saturday. Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 11, 2019

11 Jan 09:01 AM

You will be dealing with quite a few people who care only about appearances today. They are interested in cutting corners and playing some tricks if that will help them look good. You should be careful to distance yourself from these folks as early as possible. Read Full Story »

Tsering D Gurung, Pranaya Sjb Rana 11 Jan 07:26 AM

Sumitra Danuwar, Anita Chapagain and Sushmita Rai first arrived at the Kobold Watch Company’s office in Kathmandu in July 2017. After growing up in a Maiti Nepal hostel, the three girls, all of whom are still in their teens, had just completed their tenth-grade exams and were looking for part-time work. The Pennsylvania-based watch company, run by German national Michael Kobold, had been running a shop out of Babarmahal since 2012 and was looking for help. Read Full Story »

Films to watch on December 10, 2019

10 Jan 09:45 AM

Some movies you might be interested in today. Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for January 9, 2019

09 Jan 08:40 AM

That mature, practical voice inside your head keeps telling you that what other people think of you shouldn’t matter, and it is right. You should never compromise on your ambitions. But you might need to mitigate your zeal with a bit of etiquette and tact. Read Full Story »

‘People-to-people exchange between Nepal and Japan will further increase’

09 Jan 08:32 AM

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono is arriving in Kathmandu today on a two-day official visit at the invitation of Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali. Kono’s visit comes less than two months after Gyawali’s trip to Tokyo and is the first visit to Nepal by the top Japanese diplomat in seven years. Read Full Story »

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