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Chitwan National Park builds and restores ponds for rhinos 

Ramesh Kumar Paudel 16 Jul 08:38 AM

Given the number of natural deaths among rhinos, the park has upgraded its ponds and water pits in a bid to stop infighting among themselves.  Read Full Story »

Climate scientists gather in Kathmandu as country reels from floods and landslides 

Chandan Kumar Mandal 16 Jul 08:00 AM

Policymakers and climate scientists hope that the timing of the gathering in Nepal is perfect for drawing global attention to Nepal and the whole region which is highly vulnerable and already witnessing adverse impacts of climate change. Read Full Story »

After diplomatic fiasco over Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro’s son visits Nepal

Anil Giri 16 Jul 07:58 AM

Nicolasito is here to discuss politics and bilateral ties—at the invitation of the ruling party’s sister wing. Read Full Story »

Federal government refuses to devolve authority to the provinces

Tika R Pradhan 15 Jul 07:00 AM

Province 3 minister says Kathmandu has refused to share powers with the government in Hetauda. Read Full Story »

Sources in Communist Party of Nepal say the outfit is not convinced by government’s call for talks

Tika R Pradhan 15 Jul 06:30 AM

Chand outfit has put forth three conditions for dialogue, including an official invitation letter Read Full Story »

The new faces of wedding planning in Kathmandu

Sachitra Gurung 15 Jul 06:30 AM

From helping you conceptualise the perfect venue to designing the perfect dress, MP Nepal is all about making your fairytale wedding a reality. Read Full Story »

Repeated diplomatic failures reveal shortcomings in the Oli administration’s foreign affairs department

Anil Giri 14 Jul 06:30 AM

Foreign Ministry officials have not responded to at least three requests for clarifications from American and Indian embassies. Read Full Story »

Gangetic river dolphins start to arrive in Kailali rivers

Mohan Budhaair 14 Jul 06:30 AM

Dolphins enter the tributaries of Karnali and Ganga rivers to be safe from floodwaters, conservationists say.Read Full Story »

Senior citizens above the age of 80 receive free door-to-door health service 

Ramesh Chandra Adhikari 13 Jul 07:00 AM

Health workers visit the homes of senior citizens every four months and provide them with medical services.Read Full Story »

Decoding India’s transformative constitution

Atasi Ghosh 13 Jul 06:30 AM

Gautam Bhatia’s idea of a transformative constitution envisages an expansive reading of constitutional fundamental rights, only if consistent with India’s current constitution.Read Full Story »

Pokhara at high risk of dengue outbreak, a new entomological study shows

Arjun Poudel 12 Jul 08:54 AM

Entomologists have found the presence of Aedes aegypti and Albopictus mosquitoes in high numbers Read Full Story »

Dr KC demands appointment of vice chair in medical commission be halted

Arjun Poudel 12 Jul 07:48 AM

Irregularities would flourish and regulations would turn into a mess if incompetent people or stalwarts of political parties are appointed as vice chairman, says Dr KC Read Full Story »

Nepali Muslims to embark on their Hajj journey in a week, but government yet to vaccinate them

Arjun Poudel 11 Jul 08:00 AM

Health Ministry says it will fast-track the vaccine procurement processRead Full Story »

Community schools in Dasharathchand run with minimum number of students 

Tripti Shahi 11 Jul 07:21 AM

Parents prefer to send their wards to private schools, leaving government schools with few students. Read Full Story »

Province 1 fails to effectively implement ban on old vehicles

Sumnima Chamling 11 Jul 07:21 AM

Transportation entrepreneurs term the government’s year-old decision unscientific and impractical.Read Full Story »

The Indo-Pacific Strategy is not a military alliance

11 Jul 06:00 AM

Unlike China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which required countries like Nepal to ‘sign up’ in order to benefit, there is nothing for Nepal to join. Read Full Story »

Chand cadre, police constable die in shootout

Post Report 10 Jul 11:25 AM

The Okhaldhunga in-charge of Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal and a police constable died in a shootout between the outfit and security personnel in Bhojpur on Wednesday. Read Full Story »

Fast-track construction puts settlements at risk, Makwanpur locals say

Subash Bidari 10 Jul 07:30 AM

Locals had notified the army about the risk, but the authorities paid no heed to their concerns.Read Full Story »

Bharatpur Hospital hamstrung by staff shortage

Ramesh Kumar Paudel 09 Jul 07:30 AM

The Cabinet decided to upgrade the hospital to a ‘central hospital’ in February but no steps have been taken to turn it into one yet Read Full Story »

Hearing Committee endorses names of all four ambassadorial nominees 

Binod Ghimire 09 Jul 07:00 AM

Despite a strong stance against the nominations in the beginning, opposition lawmakers withdrew their plans to call the prime minister for clarification.  Read Full Story »

Despite letter from the Indian embassy making its rounds online, prime minister and commerce minister both profess ignorance 

Anil Giri 08 Jul 08:05 PM

Addressing a Sunday meeting of parliamentarians from the Nepal Communist Party, Oli outright denied that the Indians had anything to do with the decision, said Ram Kumari Jhakri, a parliamentarian from the Communist party. Read Full Story »

Rift in the ruling party nears tipping point, insiders say

Tika R Pradhan 08 Jul 07:50 AM

Leaders say the two co-chairmen must resolve all outstanding issues at the earliest Read Full Story »

Amid deep divisions, pressure mounts on Congress President Deuba to hold general convention

Anil Giri 08 Jul 07:41 AM

Facing opposition in the party, Deuba finally agrees to table an agenda to hold the party’s 14th General Convention by mid-March  Read Full Story »

Roshan Adiga: Discipline and work-ethic is more important in service-oriented companies

Srizu Bajracharya 08 Jul 06:30 AM

'Our teams understand that TeamQuest, as a company, endeavours to keep working on the value it has generated for itself over the years.' Read Full Story »

Online education with Kul Labs

Krishana Prasain 08 Jul 06:00 AM

Read Full Story »

What’s in a word? A tweet by the prime minister’s advisor sends Nepalis to the dictionary

Timothy Aryal 07 Jul 07:39 PM

Read Full Story »

Rabindra Upreti 07 Jul 10:30 AM

protestors warned of demonstrating for one hour every day if their demands are not addressed. Read Full Story »

Government’s apathy renders constitutional commissions ineffective

Tika R Pradhan 07 Jul 08:00 AM

The new constitution promulgated in September 2015 envisioned formation of as many as seven commissions to ensure the rights of the marginalised and underprivileged communities. Read Full Story »

Prithvi Man Shrestha 07 Jul 08:00 AM

The federal government is preparing to implement a programme under which the provincial and local governments will get support to strengthen their capacity of legislation, policies and modernisation of administration Read Full Story »

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